It’s a boy ! Siman tov! Mazel Tov!

On this site you will find information to accompany you before, during and after circumcision according to various customs (Ashkenazi, Habad, Sephardim, Yemeni, etc.).

Do not worry, millions of Jewish children have been circumcised since Avraham without any problem. Above all, we must choose a competent and trusted mohel who knows how to perform circumcision without risk. The advice and details of Mohel R ‘Eliyahou Bakish will allow you to prepare this moment with him, under the best conditions.

In order to prepare this happy event with joy while respecting the religious aspects, surf the pages that will provide you with useful details in answering the main questions that you ask yourself.

With our blessings and wishes Mazal tov.


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